How to earn money through Gig india – student earning

Making money in today’s world is a craze in all people by doing easiest jobs and searching for the ways in which no hard work is needed.It is possible now different types of apps has an old fashion but what today i am going to tell is not only an app its an job for students like by doing works and project you can earn in thousands and lacs. GIG INDIA its an app which provides you earn money with doing gigs(doing works) and intenships you can earn money by sitting in you home. Now the major question how do i earn money by this app. Dont worry i am here to provide you all i know about this geniune app. Gig india provides you 100% geniune works from home jobs from which you can easily earn money, micro-jobs for Top brands and guarented paid intenship.

How to earn money through Gig india | Best earning source for student

  Steps to be followed for earn money Through Gig India Application

1. Download Application and get instantly Rs 1 Paytm cash :  CLICK HERE .Also visit gigindia sites : Click Here (the website is not comfortable in monile please use gig india app for mobile phone)
2.Complete your profile providing name, address, email, mobile number, college and etc.If any problem faces between creating account please comment below i will try to solve as soon as possible.
3.After completed your profile get instantly Rs 1 withdrawal paytm cash.
After completing all this steps you are avail to see Gigs. Start earning with features gigs, trending gigs, all gigs and your applied gigs. This app is best for student to earn some cash.

How will i earn money with gigs ?

It is easy! Get ready to become a riche rich.just complete easy gigs to earn while you learn with the following four steps Step 1 : Apply and perfome a gig Choose a gig that matches your skils and interst.perform the gig as per instructions. Step 2: Submit screenshot

After completing the gig,upload screenshot and proof on gig india app. Step 3: We evaluate the gig

We verify the screenshot and proof uploaded by you within 7 working days. Step 4: You are paid via PayTm

Once verified,we add money to your can withdrawl this money to your PayTm wallet whenever you want.

And Also Earn With:

1)Share and earn
2)Refer and earn
3)Make videos and earn
4)Write and earn

Gig india also allows you to tranfer your earn money directly to your PayTm account and PhonPe account. But it charges 10%in every transfer until you become a gig indian by paying some money.


To become gig indian you should follow this steps:: the gig india app on the right 3 dots icon at above corner. on the become a gig india button
4.choose a better plan for you and suitable for you.
5.A payment screen will be open, and you can pay with phonpe or PayTm.

Advantages of gigs:

The advantageous proposition of the Gig economy‚Äôs talent enumerated above highlights the remarkable value industry can derive from an augmented workforce Consequentially.And the main advantage is you can earn money while you learn in college or school. Gig India is the best platform for students because here a student can do both work reading as well as earning. I hope all my sweet friends understand and do work on gig India application and any problem faced on working please comment below I will help you 24×7.Contact me on my Whatsapp 7001550774 and email

I hope all of my friends understand this process. If you have any doubts regarding “How to earn money through gig India” then please do comment below and you can also contact me on my WhatsApp or email, My WhatsApp number is 7001***774, we are happy to help you.

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