3 Way (Tricks) To Get Any WiFi Password

3 Way (Tricks) To Get Any WiFi Password

Nowadays the internet is very important, but the cost of internet is increased day by day and we know that no one can live without the internet. We see that any Office, restaurant, railway station, bar, club, bank, shop, and etc have a WiFi connection but we are not able to connect because it has protection Password.

So, in this post, I show some simple process to get any WiFi password. This post is all about tricks through your mobile phone and no pc required. If wants to know full detail please watch my youtube video (This post are only for educational purpose).

Process to get/know WiFi 📶 password

In this blog post I show three processes to get WiFi password, the first process is work on the only router, the second process work on any android mobile and the third one is very common app WPS WPA Tester app.

The first tricks will 1000% working, the second trick are not working in some mobile and the third trick are also always working.

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First Trick: Connect WiFi Password Through Router

Step 1: First of all looking router backside to get a push-button. Click the button and then
Step 2: Open WiFi setting in your mobile then go to Advance setting and then click the option connect WPS push button. Wait 1 minute it’s 100% connected
Step 3: After successfully connected you can share your password through QR code and get the password when you scan that QR code.

Second Trick: How to get WiFi password without any application

Step 1: First of all visit this site proxynova.com

Step 2: open wifi setting and type in the password section “www.proxynova.com” and then tick the option advance setting.After tick follow below and fill like below,

IP setting = ManualProxy hostname = www.proxynova.comProxy Port = Choose from proxy nova site ( open step no.01 website and choose any recently proxy port)Bypass proxy for = proxynova.com select IP setting = StaticsIP address = choose from proxy nova site ( copy IP address of proxy port section )

Step 3: After fillup, IP address three option are automatically filled and the last one option DNS 2 us same as DNS 1, finally click on save option and in 30 second your wifi is connected.

[The chance of working will be 70% and the upper trick will be 110%, therefore I recommended to use the first is compulsary]

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3rd Trick: Connect through WPS WPA TESTER Application

  2. Open the app and scan WiFi network, after scanning must see the network are WPS/WPA if not then it does not work.
  3. Choose a new method option and Root or No Root option.
  4. Click on CONNECT AUTOMATIC PIN and wait 2-3 minutes to successfully connected.

I hope all of my friends understand this 3 process. If you have any doubts regarding ‘ How to Know any WiFi 📶 password” then please do comment below and you can also contact me on my WhatsApp or email. we are happy to help you.

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