Find My Device | How To Find My Lost Phone Through Android Device

Find My Phone – As we know Phone Lost/Stolen is very common,Therefore I share a new trick to find any lost phone through android device.Use Google most popular app “Find My Device” to locate my phone location through added email of the phone.

Find My Device | How To Find My Lost Phone Through Android Device

Find My Lost Phone

Hope everyone enjoying techy site latest tricks and tech articles. Today we see how to find my lost phone,when we search in google play store find my device you get lots of apps which provide how to track your phone but Google the most famous online marketing platform also provide a apps “Find my device” .This google apps is very simple and helpful because its provide track location, play sound,erase data and set password, This app is working only when your email id open on your lost device if you don’t have any email I’d on your lost phone then “FIND MY DEVICE” App not working, In case of no email this app shows your last location.

Steps – Find My Lost Phone Through Android App

  1. First Download “Find My Device” App through google play store or CLICK HERE.
  2. Now open “Find My Device” app and tap on Sign in as guest button.
  3. After click Sign In As Guest, Enter your email address >> click Next and then enter your password >> click Next [NOTE – Use that email which is login  in your lost device and the device is switched for play sound]
  4. After all of above you get your exact location of your phone and also get three option Play Sound, Lock Device and Erase all data.
  5. Try this latest trick for finding any phone through android device app, I hope all of you enjoying and please comment below if any problem occured.

How Police trace Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number ?

Sometime our phone lost or stolen in this case we do FIR in police station, Police firstly ask your IMEI Number of your phone (IMEI = international mobile equipment identity and dail *#06# to get Mobile IMEI Number ).And now we learn how to police find my phone through IMEI Number, Very simple first of all police send your mobile IMEI Number to all telecom company’s and said Surveillance this Number.And then any sim are inserted on device then IMEI Number are Show in telecom company and the telecom company find the location of the device and send device location to police, this way to police find your stolen or lost phone.

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